Gators Always
The University of Florida was a big stepping stone for the next chapter in my life. The athletic programs are among the Best in the Country. The academic program is among the best in the country. You just couldn't ask for a better university to graduate from and be a part of to have memories from. I am Very Proud to be a Gator.

Dara Torres

Five-Time Olympian
Nine-Time NCAA Champion
28-Time All-American

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Had a great weekend in Gainesville. Back for a day and already missing this. #alwaysagator #ItsGreatUF

Getting random "Go Gators" on a run when on the complete other end of the country. #ItsGreatUF #GatorNationIsEverywhere

Wow. That was such a powerful video. So proud to be a Gator! #GatorsAlways

Chills!! I can't wait to get back to #TheSwamp! Gator Nation. #GatorsAlways.

Have you seen the new gator video? Gives ya goosebumps. #gatorsalways #gatortothegrave

SO ready to be back in The Swamp after this! #GatorsAlways

One of the best Gator videos I have seen. #GatorsAlways

"We stand to understand, once again, what it means to be a Gator." #GatorsAlways via @GatorZoneNews

College sports marketing at its finest #GatorsAlways

When they say #ItsGreatUF they mean it. The video just won over my heart just like UF does every day #ilyUF

My 2yo after watching #GatorsAlways video: "Again, again! I can't wait to hear the story!" #ItsGreatUF #StartEmYoung

This 1 got me. #gogators MT @EmmittSmith22: Amazing video reminds me how great it is to be a Gator: @UF #GatorsAlways

@EmmittSmith22 @UF Thanks, Emmitt! Featuring #22 in the video was the obvious choice, BTW. #GatorGreat #GatorsAlways cc @GatorZoneFB

@JennBrown: This Gator Nation video makes me proud to say I AM, A FLORIDA GATOR! n#GatorsAlways @GatorZoneNews

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